Regarding our service and facilities here in what we have provided.

By APDI Training Center

Welcome to APDI Training Center

APDI Training Center is proud to be one of the best private aviation training centers in Thailand run by the qualified personnel to provide the safe, modern and convenient facilities, fully fitted with equipment in excellent condition, also the expert instructors to serve the needs of well-known commercial airlines, and thanks to our customers’ response to our offerings.

With the expansion of the aviation industry today and with more people traveling than ever before. This is why the commitment to service is paramount; as our customers are also growing faster than ever before, our goal is to make APDI Training Center your choice, offering the facilities and services you want and win the confidence of yours by focusing on the details – how we run the operation, and how you experience our offerings.

On behalf of everyone at APDI Training Center, we look forward to welcoming you to our hub and let us grow and achieve together.

Thank you.
APDI Training Center


To create a sustainable quality training center so APDI Training Center will always be the choice of our customers.


Safety, Environment, and Quality come first in our operation. We will abide by the laws. We will always conduct our operation with integrity, strong ethical values and a commitment to serve. We believe that the most important asset of our operation is the employees. We treat each other with trust, respect, and dignity within the spirit of working together.

To provide our customers with professional training services with the most competent instructors and the best equipment.

To manage the training center on a sound and professional operational basis in order to conform to standards and procedures set by Aviation Authorities.

To create a working environment in which our workforce can achieve job satisfaction and career development.