Freshmen Orientation 2018 - KEY OF SUCCESS

   At Kasem Samosorn Convention Hall, 3rd floor of Kasem Phreksa Building, Romklao Campus, Kasem Bundit University organized “KEY OF SUCCESS,” an orientation under the concept of for this year’s new students, aiming at embedding them with a college’s lifestyle   so that they can adapt themselves to new friends, places, and new learning systems at the university level. On this occasion, Dr .Vallop Suwandee, the President, gave a welcoming speech to the freshmen. The event included many other inspiring speeches made by outstanding KBU alumni, who shared their personal life experiences and interesting anecdotes, accompanied by Pom Pom Dancing by The HARMONIZE Team, KBU Cheer Club to entertain them.

ข่าววันที่ : 02/07/2018